A future world full of driverless cars

Have you ever contemplated a world filled with driverless cars? We all talk about it. The fantasy of being able to jump into a vehicle and not have the concern or the mental need to be in control, and then simply being chauffeured to our destination, safe and sound. I must say, it does sound thrilling!

The technology alone just boggles my mind. Tesla have already dipped there toe in with a driverless truck along with other variants. So yes, it is on its way and not far by the looks.

The question I have, is do we as drivers who are in charge of our own destiny really want to let go of the wheel? Do you? With that in mind, let’s take a step back in time. Let’s remember those years leading up to what was another milestone in your life? A rite of passage, that ticket to freedom. Go anywhere at any time.  Well I do! For me it was called a ‘driver’s license’. It’s what separated us from everything that held us back and it wasn’t taken lightly either.

From that first driving lesson, to being let free on the road responsible for everything that was in front of you. An opportunity to show the world you were capable of being in charge.

For me, my car became an extension of who I was. From buckling up, to changing gears and putting that foot down, it felt great, I just loved having that control. I  loved to drive and I still do!

So my point here is this, we are an automotive loving country, from that 4 cylinder hatch to that high powered V8. We want to own the road. We want to drive! From the hustle and bustle of city driving, to the open roads of our country side and all the 4WD trails we have. It’s our adventure and it’s our desire to hold onto that wheel and never let go.