It can be a huge effort trying to privately sell your car and for most people this can be a very time-consuming process.  

You have to know how to write up a convincing ad; commit to tonnes of paperwork and research; and then continue to monitor any incoming enquiries from potential buyers. The list can go on and on.

For any car seller out there, the greatest fear is being ripped off from a buyer and the risk of fraud, scams or robbery.  

Your personal safety should always come first when dealing with strangers when selling your car.

To help our car sellers out there, we’ve put together the most common dangers you should be aware of when selling your car.

  1. Facing Scammers

If you are selling a used car for the first time, you need to very alert for possible scammers coming your way. You may come across a buyer who is ready to pay the price you ask for, but only want to pay you online after they have the keys in their hand.

You have to be careful with online payments and make sure the money is in your account before you handover the anything to buyer. With the technology we have today, whipping up a fake receipt that looks authentic is easy.

  • Test Drivers

There may be people who are eager to test drive your car but have no intentions or real interest to purchase your car. This becomes a massive waste of your time and can cost you more money for fuel. Also be sure that you accompany the person while on the test drive, allowing them to do it alone and keeping a form of their ID on hold is too risky. 

  • Difficult Buyers

You may think once the keys are handed over and you’ve got the money in your pocket, you are done and dusted with the whole process. But don’t get too comfortable because you could deal with a dissatisfied buyer who wants to return the car after a few days and request their money back.

It is common for buyers to make unfounded claims like experiencing an engine problem or unusual sound while driving.

These are only the few risks of privately selling your car, and you’d be surprised how often people get scammed by buyers and lose everything completely.

You can simply eliminate these risks by selling your used car through trusted dealerships that will make the entire process seamless from start to finish. This way, you don’t have to worry about any of the lengthy registrations or boring paperwork, and still be guaranteed the best value for your car.

EDI Automotive have 125 years of combined experience in the car buying and selling industry, meaning they how everything works inside and out. Putting your car in the hands of the EDI Group will be fast, smooth and hassle-free – so you can sit back, relax and not even think about the dangers of selling your car.

Have you ever contemplated a world filled with driverless cars? We all talk about it. The fantasy of being able to jump into a vehicle and not have the concern or the mental need to be in control, and then simply being chauffeured to our destination, safe and sound. I must say, it does sound thrilling!

The technology alone just boggles my mind. Tesla have already dipped there toe in with a driverless truck along with other variants. So yes, it is on its way and not far by the looks.

The question I have, is do we as drivers who are in charge of our own destiny really want to let go of the wheel? Do you? With that in mind, let’s take a step back in time. Let’s remember those years leading up to what was another milestone in your life? A rite of passage, that ticket to freedom. Go anywhere at any time.  Well I do! For me it was called a ‘driver’s license’. It’s what separated us from everything that held us back and it wasn’t taken lightly either.

From that first driving lesson, to being let free on the road responsible for everything that was in front of you. An opportunity to show the world you were capable of being in charge.

For me, my car became an extension of who I was. From buckling up, to changing gears and putting that foot down, it felt great, I just loved having that control. I  loved to drive and I still do!

So my point here is this, we are an automotive loving country, from that 4 cylinder hatch to that high powered V8. We want to own the road. We want to drive! From the hustle and bustle of city driving, to the open roads of our country side and all the 4WD trails we have. It’s our adventure and it’s our desire to hold onto that wheel and never let go.

I’ve been in Automotive sales for over 26 years now and at times feel like I’ve seen just about all of it. The highs and lows as they say. Never just being involved with one brand I’ve been able to really asses and look deeply into where I believe car manufacturers have succeeded and ultimately failed. It can be allot of fun when it’s not your money. The styling, reliability, backing their product, warranty, marketing, technology the list goes on. The pressures of industry targets along with product changes, market competition has driven industry experts to making some brash decisions when wanting to be the best. People often ask me what car should I get or what car do I recommend. It’s always a difficult response as my opinion ultimately means little, especially when they run with their hearts desires and ultimately meet a real salesman! I do my best not to be critical as I truly believe manufacturers are doing what they can to give us all a quality long after price is forgotten. So my response to whoever wants to listen is firstly, What’s important to you? Forget what the ads tell you or what your friends the Joneses are driving. What really works for you and your back pocket. Let’s face it a car is transportation. It gets us from my place to yours! Yes? Reliability and safety can still look good, even at a price. Think about where you are today to where you will be in let’s say 4 years. Will that car offer you the security and reliability for both you and your family. Will it give you the love of being behind a wheel of something that inspires. And will it give you a return financially when you look at selling or trading. Three things I would ask myself. Good luck.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to watch particular brands agonizingly  sit at the bottom of the selling table and then suddenly with the right marketing or styling automatically see it as the number 1 or number 2 seller in the Australian market place. Let’s take Jeep for example. This product was a very small player in the Australian market, riddled with mechanical and warranty issues throughout its years, not to mention the unknown of an American styled vehicle in Australia! But then  Jeep  suddenly had us all wanting more. And why? Well, DON’T HOLD BACK!! I’m sure you all remember it, this marketing campaign saw the product sky rocket to one of the number one sellers in Australia only a few years ago. The ads gave us a want to see Australia again. To challenge ourselves especially to a more younger market. It was now trendy, yes I bought a jeep. And yes it worked. Unfortunately the product was still riddled with issues mechanically which was not backed by the back end of Jeep. This however never seemed to halt sales. Jeeps just kept hitting Australian roads even though service departments were full.  The brand currently sits stable in the market place amongst its competitors with consistent sales and a new marketing brand that reflects its old but try’s to strengthen its reliability with cheaper parts and servicing. Once again very clever! Many a brand have a similar story. You could go on and on with the list. My point is this. I get the catchy tune and current styling. It works for allot of people but will it work for you in the long run?