Automotive Industry Trends 2021

contemporary black automobile standing in garage

Over the years we have had the opportunity to watch particular brands agonizingly  sit at the bottom of the selling table and then suddenly with the right marketing or styling automatically see it as the number 1 or number 2 seller in the Australian market place. Let’s take Jeep for example. This product was a very small player in the Australian market, riddled with mechanical and warranty issues throughout its years, not to mention the unknown of an American styled vehicle in Australia! But then  Jeep  suddenly had us all wanting more. And why? Well, DON’T HOLD BACK!! I’m sure you all remember it, this marketing campaign saw the product sky rocket to one of the number one sellers in Australia only a few years ago. The ads gave us a want to see Australia again. To challenge ourselves especially to a more younger market. It was now trendy, yes I bought a jeep. And yes it worked. Unfortunately the product was still riddled with issues mechanically which was not backed by the back end of Jeep. This however never seemed to halt sales. Jeeps just kept hitting Australian roads even though service departments were full.  The brand currently sits stable in the market place amongst its competitors with consistent sales and a new marketing brand that reflects its old but try’s to strengthen its reliability with cheaper parts and servicing. Once again very clever! Many a brand have a similar story. You could go on and on with the list. My point is this. I get the catchy tune and current styling. It works for allot of people but will it work for you in the long run?