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Kicking off in June 2017 EDI Automotive Group wanted to combine as many aspects of the Automotive Industry with a fresh positive direction. With all our years of knowledge we knew it was possible to not only buy and sell cars but instill more trust in our industry. Automotive sales has moved forward at such a rate of knots that being a part of it has simply driven us even more. Our game plan was to bring us to you and make all buying and selling seamless as possible. It was a humble start in the beginning with Wholesale being the back bone of our business.

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Selling cars was one thing but supplying was another. We needed to source the best cars that would reflect who we are in the industry. Connected to industry leaders we able to source and buy quality cars in a short period of time from Franchise Dealerships, private sellers, and large fleet businesses. We traded heavily in the wholesale arena for a period of 12 months. Vehicles varied from $100 to $100000. It didn’t matter we just wanted to buy, sell and supply our clients with the vehicles they were after. Once we had a strong support base we were well on our way. Read more

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