How has COVID-19 changed the Automotive Industry?

Yes I’m sure we are all sick of hearing of it. I get it! So instead let’s talk about what it’s done with our automotive needs going forward. Where do we as a society turn to for our needs of transportation? It seems busses, trains and planes are a no go for the time being. Especially with that dreaded 19 dictating our movements. Australians have found themselves looking for what? Well it seems we want to escape more now than ever, but escape safely in the security of our own vehicles. Make tracks as they say. And sales have proven it. What we have in Australia is very unique. I mean just look at the size of Australia and its population. If there was ever a country made for motoring its Australia. Think about it, If you were to drive through parts of Europe you would literally drive through three counties in the time it takes you to drive form Brisbane to Cairns. Australians are now wanting that and more. With this push it  seems demand for off road all-terrain vehicles has hit an all-time high. My phone rings constantly with clients chasing what I call the new family car. The Dual Cab Ute, the AWD SUV, the 4WD wagon. Believe me this trend was evolving well before COVID-19. But has now seen an all-time high. Commercials are no longer commercials. Utes drive as easy and in some circumstances better than a sedan.  It’s no longer Dads work Ute its now the Family car. Mum wants to drive it more than dad. Well done to the manufacturers I say. About time. They all seem to have worked it out! Finally a vehicle that not only does it all but you feel good being in charge of it.  So now it’s up to you to figure out what fits your mold. It’s here and now is the time. No more overseas holidays, it’s time to fall in love with what Australia can offer you. You just need to get there. So please don’t forget after all the excitement of seeing this great country of ours, the most important part. What manufacturer today best backs their brand to get you there safely….. think about it!