What to consider before you choose your next car.

I’ve been in Automotive sales for over 26 years now and at times feel like I’ve seen just about all of it. The highs and lows as they say. Never just being involved with one brand I’ve been able to really asses and look deeply into where I believe car manufacturers have succeeded and ultimately failed. It can be allot of fun when it’s not your money. The styling, reliability, backing their product, warranty, marketing, technology the list goes on. The pressures of industry targets along with product changes, market competition has driven industry experts to making some brash decisions when wanting to be the best. People often ask me what car should I get or what car do I recommend. It’s always a difficult response as my opinion ultimately means little, especially when they run with their hearts desires and ultimately meet a real salesman! I do my best not to be critical as I truly believe manufacturers are doing what they can to give us all a quality long after price is forgotten. So my response to whoever wants to listen is firstly, What’s important to you? Forget what the ads tell you or what your friends the Joneses are driving. What really works for you and your back pocket. Let’s face it a car is transportation. It gets us from my place to yours! Yes? Reliability and safety can still look good, even at a price. Think about where you are today to where you will be in let’s say 4 years. Will that car offer you the security and reliability for both you and your family. Will it give you the love of being behind a wheel of something that inspires. And will it give you a return financially when you look at selling or trading. Three things I would ask myself. Good luck.